A Guide To Help Your Child Become A Star !                                      

Ever pictured your child in a TV commercial?

On the cover of a National Magazine

Ever wonder how the kids in Your favorite Movie or TV Show got their start in 

show business?

How to get Your Child into Television, Motion Pictures and Advertising.



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"Hometown to Hollywood" 


DVD and Workbook

Created by top industry professionals.

Currently used in our seminars.

The complete step-by-step guide to help parents and children interested in getting into the Entertainment Business.  

What to expect and what is expected of you

Learn how to get started locally, on the right track, with the correct information and required tools. 

Find out who to call, what to say, how to find an agent, and where to actually find work.

Walk through the process with a behind the scenes look at each step, intercut with insight and advice from working child stars, their parents, and top industry professionals.

How to identify your child's brand, type or style, professonally package 

your child's talent and successfully market to the industry.

Don't waste time and money on pictures, classes, and empty promises.  Get the real story.


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What the Professionals Say


    "What a great idea and so well done!!...You thought of everything...Left no stone unturned...'HOMETOWN TO HOLLYWOOD' guide is a real service."

- Henry Winkler,


"Happy Days"
"Cop and A Half"

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"'HOMETOWN TO HOLLYWOOD' thoroughly covers the bases, and I hope all the children and parents who want to get into this business have the opportunity to view this..."

-Kim Dawson ,




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"This is an invaluable tool for getting an understanding of this business and how to start at the local level...This is THE GUIDE from "HOMETOWN TO HOLLYWOOD."

-Walter von Huene ,

Director/Acting Coach



"Jingle All The Way"

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Interviews and Advice From:


Tony Dow -


Wally Cleaver from the classic "Leave It To Beaver" series and director of television shows such as "Swamp Thing", "The New Leave It To Beaver", "Babalon 5", "Star Trek-Deep Space Nine", and "Coach".  Tony also co-produced A&E's "Child Stars, Their Story".


Max Elliot Slade -


Plays Steve Martin in the Ron Howard Movie "Parenthood" and stars in the subsequent television series.  
Star of the hit motion pictures
"3 Ninjas", "3 Ninjas Kick Back", and "3 Ninjas Knuckle Up".  Max is also in "Apollo 13" and "The Sweeper".  Max's mom and dad provide the parents' point of view.

Ivyann Schwann -


Stars as Rick Moranis' daughter in "Parenthood" and has a role in the TV series.  Ivy stars in the movie "Problem Child 2" with John Ritter.  She can also be seen on "Bill Nye - The Science Guy".  Ivy's mom provides her perspective on the business of a child actor's career.


Lauren Chapin -

Actress/Talent Manager

Kitten from the television series "Father Knows Best", author of the best selling book "Father Does Know Best", chronicling her Hollywood childhood.  Lauren's story is the subject of a 2 hour "E- True Hollywood Stories".  She now manages talent.


  Summer Healy Chapin -


Daughter of Lauren, has worked on shows such as Nickelodian's "Welcome Freshmen", "Clarissa Explains It All".  Her film work includes "Matinee" with John Goodman and "Dead By Friday" with Stephen and Daniel Baldwin.


Walter von Huene -

Director/Acting Coach

Dialog director on the hit show "Happy Days", Associate producer of "Pretty Woman", Second unit director of "Parenthood", Director of "Ancient Warriors".  From his work on "Jingle All The Way", he is acting coach for Arnold Schwarzeneger in movies such as "Batman and Robin", "End Of Days", "The Sixth Day", and "Terminator - 3".

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What To Do First
The Headshot
The Resume
Resume Form Example 1
Example 2
The Audition
The Shoot

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Topics Include:

finding out if your child has a genuine interrest

 how the business works, preparation and training

 headshots, the resume', types of work available

 what to look for and look out for

 agents, managers, casting directors

 auditions, the shoot, stage parents

 unions, the money involved, and much... much more.

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"Hometown to Hollywood"  DVD Program is accompanied by a NEW 2009 Workbook (as used in our seminars), containing many examples of headshots, resumes, audition and shoot information forms, practice scripts, and many useful facts and tips.


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 Straight Talk on how to get Your Child started and manage a successful career in  Television, Motion Pictures, and Advertising.

Hometown to Hollywood


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