The Resume'

When starting out, you must have a resume'. Children are not expected to have

a long list of credits. There are many other details casting people need. When

casting children, their date of birth is very important as head shots aren't always

kept up to date. Just look at last years holiday photographs. Kids change, fast.

Suggested points to list

Child's name, date of birth, height, weight, eye color, hair color, sizes,

personality traits (outgoing, loves to meet people, likes being photographed),

special abilities (listens to and follows directions, good memory skills, hobbies,

athletic, rides horses, etc.), and training. Any experience such as school plays,

performance or practice group, and anything pertaining to the business. Also list

availability and the date the head shot was taken.

You need two versions of your resume'. One with your contact information

(phone numbers, e-mail, address, etc.) for clients you find on your own, and one

without contact information for agents to send out. For the agents you should

provide a separate sheet with all of your information plus your availability.

If they can't get in touch with you, you may not be called next time.

The resume' is an important tool. It must look professional and be truthful.

A resume' with too much fluff about anything but the facts is worse than none.

A short, to the point, listing of the points above with two or three traits and

abilities is plenty for a total beginner's first resume'. See the examples.

As with the head shot, you will be updating your resume' fairly often.

When you get some work, you have a reason to drop off new resumes to

everyone you sent them to. This is the one way to keep in touch. You have

to be very careful not to over do the promotion of your child. If possible,

your child should be the one to take new materials in to agencies and potential


Note: When typing your first resume', keep it short, to the point, and honest.

It is also a good idea to let clients and agents know your availability. Attach

the resume' back to back to the head shot and trim the edges.

Example from: "Hometown To Hollywood" workbook

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